The Design of a Water Bottle

A water bottle is something that is used and seen numerous times a day, everyday.  However, have you ever stepped back to think about the design of a bottle and what makes it seems so appealing?

There are three basic parts to the average store bought water bottle:  The cap, label, and main body.  Each part created to influence use of the product.

Lets start with the top and work our way down.  The cap; secures the water into the bottle and allows the water to be easily accessible to the user.  The label;  tells the brand of the water,  the amount of water being contained, and tells information about the company you are supporting.  However, with this aspect of the water bottle there is more that goes into the design than just verbal language.  The designers are also communicating with the users through the use of text and color.  Many water bottle companies use cool color pallets of blues, greens and whites.  These colors represent a freshness and purity that they are relating back to their product.  These colors are also used because typically when you think of water, the first go to is blue.

The final part of the water bottle is the main body. In the design, the body has ridges making the body more durable and easier to grab and keep a hold of.  The small slim build to the product allows easy portability encouraging more consumption.  The body is normally clear and transparent allowing viewers to see the contents of the bottle and reassure them that what they are consuming is pure and fresh.  However, is the product really more pure or fresh than what comes out of your own faucet? bottle

The Design of a Water Bottle