Movie Review

Helvetica, Wall-E, and Everything is Illuminated are all uniquely and well designed.  Helvetica is a documentary film about the typeface Helvetica and its use in graphic design. It explores the beauty of the type and its design and show how diversely it can be used because of its many different forms.  Everything is Illuminated is a movie about a jewish boy who goes on a quest to look for the lady who saved his grandfather during World War II.  Throughout the journey, Jonathan discovers a lot about himself and his history.  Wall-E looks at a future world where Americans live in space because the world is so polluted because mass consumerism.  In terms of design I think all of these can be connected through language.

In Helvetica, the movie is talking about a form of type which is a written language.  The film looks at the design of the type from a psychological stand point, and why it is as effective as it is.  I think that the whole design of the video is to bring light to this world of type.  Everyday we pass numerous signs and buildings with type on them, and never really stop to think of the complexities of what all goes into something that seemingly as simple as type.  Its so easy to be quick to think that fonts or just something generated on the computer, when in reality it all starts with one single individual drawing and laying it out on paper.

Everything is Illuminated is a movie that uses artifacts that support the design of the film.  Throughout the film Jonathan collects artifacts or items that will help him along his journey.  As the movie progresses it seems these items come to represent him. Therefor these artifacts began to communicate something about the character.  This design communicates that often time when we are on a journey to find one thing we can unexpectedly stumble into new discoveries.

The movie Wall-E takes a satirical point of view designing a world in which man made items have taken over.  Overall the movie is designed to communicate that we need not put the blame on everyone else and take responsibility for our own doings.  Of course because it is designed to be a family movie, they come together and save the planet.

As said early, the biggest similarity with all these movies is the design in their use of language and communicating main ideas.  However, there are a lot of differences in the movies.  The biggest difference being the genre of what each film is.  One movie is an independent documentary, one movie is a high definition animation and finally, one being a drama.  Another difference is the way in which they go about using language as mentioned above.  One looks at it from a psychological stand point, one from a satirical stand point, and the last one from the use of artifacts as a means of self representation.

From watching these films, I learned that you can use the same key ideas and communicate it in many different forms and from several different stand points. Design can be used in many ways to essentially communicate the same thing but provide many different means of that particular communication.

Movie Review

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