designer profile 7-8

The first designer to present today was Tim Lucas.  Tim got his start in design at a very young age, with his father being an interior decorator.  So most of his  young life he was around a lot of design as well as designers.  As he got older he took mechanical drawing classes in high school which furthered his interests in design. In the 70s Tim started school at the University of Kentucky in a college of design studying architecture and graduated in 74.  He has had several jobs working with design and architecture since earning his degree.  he has worked with fits ranging from lexington up into Cincinnati and other areas near Ohio. In his presentation, Tim stated that he believes design is everywhere.  It encompasses everything around us, from the clothes we wear, to buildings we enter, to other accessories that we use daily.  When done well, design can literally be life changing to those who occupy the designed spaces and items.  Like many of the other designers that have presented in the past week, Tim also believes that design in the future will move to more of a collaborative environment between design disciplines.

The second designer to present was Melody Farris-Jackson.  Unlike Tim, she got her start in design later in her life.  Starting out in college as pre-med she quickly realized she would like to do something a little more creative and transferred to the college of architecture.  Since graduating she has held many titles in the design world, both locally and internationally.  She has worked with several construction firms, done different local commissions and served as the Art Director for the equestrian games that were held in Lexington in 2010.  Melody thinks that design in the world around us should give back.  She came to this conclusion recently, working on a ball park that is made from rubber so that wheel chair bound people and others with disabilities can still participate in athletic activities.  Like Tim, she thinks that design is heading in a collaborative path. She believes that in the future we will have “Archineers.” which is a blending of the architecture and engineering professions. With the influx of technology, melody believes that the lines will start to be blurred in the professions and many disciplines will be obtained.

designer profile 7-8

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