designer profiles 9-10

The first designer that spoke today in class was Randall Vaughn. Vaughn is a University of Kentucky Alum. and is the President of Architects and Engineers at Gray Construction.  I thought the way he addressed the question about where do you see design in the world around you really uniquely. Instead of him giving a response to the question, he had the architects and engineers that work under him respond to the question.  This provided numerous answers from individuals actively working in the field.  The most common answer was along the lines of design happens everyday from the clothes you wear to the accessories you use, like mobile devices.  There were 2 answers to this question i thought were really interesting and hand really heard yet during these designer profiles.  Those responses were ” design can bring both order and chaos” and “Function is more important than aesthetic.”  Both are really interesting and practical responses to looking at design around you.  Vaughn thought that the future of design will allow there to be curators of multiple trades and various disciplines working together.  Which is a similar response to some that we have heard in the other design profiles that have been given.

The second designer to speak was Helen Turner.  Helen summed up her career in design as “opportunity.”  She did her undergraduate degree at Ohio University and Graduate degree and the University of Cincinnati.  In between undergrad and grad school she was fortunate enough to work for a couple smaller firms in the field to have some practical experience.  After grad school she got a job teaching at the University of Kentucky and is currently still teaching in the College of Design.  Her emphasis of study in on environmental friendly design.  So in the world around her she sees design that is not polluting the environment. I thought this was interesting because i wasn’t aware that there were designers out there that are advocating for such a thing.  She also sees design going in this direction in the future to be more resourceful with materials and less wasteful.  I think if thats true it will be really awesome for the environment and may help create a movement with others to also be less wasteful and more resourceful.


designer profiles 9-10

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