Analysis 9 & 10

The ninth movie I watched and will analyze will be Logan Dortch’s video on the Southeast Christian Church.  My first feeling of the church was a little shocked at its sheer scale and the amount of commodities that are in it.  Logan did a great job at covering all five main points that were required to cover.  Each point is discussed clearly and effectively.  I found the most interesting point to be that from a social stand point that church provides many different levels of worship, catering to children and adults of all ages.

I think that the video was made really well.  I like all the aerial photos that were included to really show the scale of the church.  I also enjoyed that the creator narrated his video with a script and had clear images that where that right resolution.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.17.28 AM

The final movie that i analyzed was Breden Gibson’s movie on Madison Square Garden.  Like most, Breden starts the movie off with a history of Madison Square and the reasons why it was built.  I think all 5 points where discussed but maybe could have been made just a little more clear.  The best point i thought that was made was how the garden affects the human experience. The building can affect human experience on so many different levels, from hosting concerts to various amount of sporting events.

I think that the video is made very  very well.  The creator did an excellent job organizing the appropriated video and making sure all the imagery was clean and interesting.  I also like the audio choices that were chosen because it really amped up the tone of the video and made the building seem a lot more fierce than it may be.  The only thing i would potentially change about the video is narrating it.  The words popping up in the bottom of the video sometimes are hard to see and read while also looking at imagery.  Other than that small detail, I think the video was very well made.

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Analysis 9 & 10

Anaylsis 7 & 8

For my seventh analysis of the informance movie i watched Spencer Anderson’s movie about the Emirates Stadium.  I like that the creator started the video discussing the construction of the building and the economic value of it instead of just the history.  The creator also discusses all 5 main points clearly in his film.  I think the best point that was covered was how the stadium enhances the human experience.  I like that he looked at the design of the stadium from the view point of the fans and less of how it pertains to soccer.

From a creative stand point, I think that video was done very well.  All the images used are very clear and not pixelated.  I liked that there was actual shot video that i assume the creator took while visiting the stadium and one time.

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The 8th informance movie that i analyzed was Emily Bramel’s video about Keeneland.  Right from the beginning i was intrigued by the video and thought it was awesome that the audio was the infamous trumpet that is played before the races start.  Like several others, Emily starts the video off with a history of Keeneland.  She does a good job at covering all five main points clearly and effectively.  I found it interesting when talking about social and cultural practices that you could get married at Keeneland. Before watching the video i was unaware you could do this.

From a creative stand point, I think that the video is very successful and is very well made.  The creator did a good job with using clear images and maybe even some of her own images that she has captured in her experiences at Keeneland.  One thing I would have liked to have seen differently is the text actually be narrated instead of put in with the video.

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Anaylsis 7 & 8

it’s FONT-amental

IMG_1893  \

The first item with type on it that i found was this bottle of Famous Daves BBQ sauce located at the Euclid Kroger.  I chose this item because it was working with three different typefaces in a row.  The first font on the bottle is the signature Famous Daves font that is used in all of their products.  It is a script influence font that i feel was chosen to resemble a sauce that is sophisticated and professional, but also classic.  The next font on the bottle is the words BBQ Sauce.  The font looks to be a block lettered font with a warm color gradient spanning across the letters.  I feel like the color of the font indicates a warm summer day or the idea of a hot grill rather than the actual font itself.  Finally, the last font on the bottle is the words Devil Spit, which is the type of sauce that it is.  It is a font that is influenced from an old english font.  I think the designer chose this font because it gives the idea of old time or religion like items and the product is “Devil Spit.”  I also think that this font was chosen because it looks a little wicked or spooky like the thought of the devil.


The next font i found interesting was the font used for the Sunesis Environmental I chose this font because although the logo works as a whole, putting so much emphasis on the separate “S” leads me to believe that that part of the type maybe used as a logo by itself.  The font in the Sunesis is black and bold helping it stand out on the sign.  The background of the “S” and the Environment is all in green.  I think this color choice was chosen because it relates readers back to the environment and that this company conducts an environmentally friendly business.  This font can be found on the fence in front of the demolition site of the student center.


The next font i photographed was the Campus Cafe sign that can be found on the corner of Rose St. and Euclid.  The font that the designer has used is a varsity influenced typeface.  I think that the designer made this choice in type because it relates to lifestyle and ideas portrayed in movies of “Campus Life” and College Athletics.  I think that the font is a good choice because it is legible and appeals to the audience that is eating there.  I also think the designer made a good choice in color because it relates to the Universities colors also making it more appealing to college students looking for lunch in that area.


While on my way home, I found this font on the front of the Kenndys Paw Prints Screen Print Shop building.  It can be found attached to the Kenndys Wildcat Den.  I liked this font because it is influenced from a Modern Serif type face.  I think the designer made the choice to use this font because it makes the business seem productive but also small time.  The font is slim and somewhat bunched together giving it more of an old fashioned or mom and pop shop feel implying that the experience of doing business there will be intimate.  The choice of the white on the window helps the font stand out and be legible to those passing by either on foot or in a vehicle.


The last font i chose to photograph is the new School of Art and Visual Studies sign hanging outside of the building. The font is a Sans-Serif typeface that looks to be a Helvetica or Helvetica New influenced type.  I think the font is successful and when driving passed the building it stands out.  I think that the designer chose that type on the sign because the building is new and this particular font makes it appear to be super modern and trendy.  Helvetica Type is the most widely used font in design and is extremely popular among modern graphic designers.  I think by using white, it pushes the type away from the background colors giving onlookers a better understanding of what is being advertised or communicated.

it’s FONT-amental

Analysis 5 & 6

The 5th informant movie i watched to analyze was Hope Stewarts video about Las Vegas. The video is put together very well and is very interesting.  She starts the video by discussing the Las Vegas strip and it being the biggest source of revenue for the city.  She then goes on to detail all the attractions on the Las Vegas strip and what it has to offer.  I feel like in the video i can find all 5 main points talked about, Im just not sure if they are clearly discussed.  The video is a little bit short and doesn’t elaborate on the five main points.

From a creative stand point, I think the video is really well done, however with talking about Las Vegas and how its such a party city, the imagery and music could have been pushed a little more to compliment this thesis.  Also the water mark over the whole video is a little distracting; however, the creator addresses this problem under the video in their blog.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 10.04.10 AM

The sixth video that i analyzed from class was Lexi Watts video on Rupp Arena.  She starts the video explaining Rupps location in Lexington, and it’s history.  From this she immediately goes into discussing the Consumerism culture that is in Rupp Arena, from the shops, and eateries, to simply purchasing some fan gear or snacks at the game.  She also does a really good job at talking about the culture that is Rupp Arena and the experience you get as a Kentucky Fan.  She also makes good points about the medias influence on the artifact by mentioning the games being televised and commercials being made for advertisements.  I would say overall the creator did a good job highlighting all five main points about her artifact.

From a creative stand point i think the video is very well put together.  The imagery appropriated is very clear and concise.  The only constructive criticism i would have is to slow down the commentary slightly.  Other than that,  the video is great! Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 10.21.05 AM

Analysis 5 & 6

Analysis 3 & 4

The third informance video I reviewed was The Fossil Watch by Maggie Potter.  I thought the video was made very very well and was extremely impressive.  She covered all 5 main points effectively and clearly. At the beginning she discusses the history of the fossil watch, where its name originated, and the design process.  I think discussing this helps create an understanding of the artifact she is documenting.  When talking about the materialization in social culture, I thought the dialogue she created was funny, but still explained its relation to the main point.

I think that the overall creativity of the video was great.  I think the creator did a very good job putting music to the video that fit the vibe of the watch and also keeps the presentation moving.  The only constructive criticism i would have is that at times it is hard to read the captions she has created in the movie.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.20.48 PM

The fourth video i reviewed was Holly Schumm’s video on Miami, Florida.  This video also was made really really well.  Right from the start i was intrigued by her footage and the narration.  The script being read through the video is also very clear and well written.  Holly covers all 5 points in the video and makes good connections to each with her artifact.  If this was a commercial to convince tourist to travel to Miami, I think that it would be very effective.

The overall creativity of the video is amazing! I think that the creator did an excellent job with clarity in both the imagery in the video as well as the script.  I feel that they put a lot of time and effort into creating this video.  One of my other favorite aspects of the creativity of the video is that she doesn’t narrate the whole time,  she breaks and fades the music back making nice transition between each main point.

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Analysis 3 & 4

Video Analysis 2

My second Video Analysis was Anthony Mustari’s video about the Play Station 4.  He starts the video discussing the history of play station and the generations before the PS4.  He immediately goes on to explain how the design enhances human condition by being the ultimate entertainment system.  The PS4 can be used for internet, playing games, and watching both DVDs and Blu Ray. There are several business and social and cultural practices that are mentioned in the video.  In the gaming industry many companies make video game software for each specific console.  There is also a big social advantage to video games because of online play. You can play against friends and others all across the world.  Because the product is a media device, the influence is heavy in this topic.  He mentions that all social media sights can be accessed through the device, as well as unlimited movies and music and access to the web.  Finally, the culture of consumerism is also heavily influenced in this video.  The artifact is often advertised as coming with a free game or controller. Also for regular use with the playstation you will be purchasing new video games as they are released.

I felt that the presentation was very well put together but, i do wish that there was more than just power point slides to the presentation.  Other than that i think the information was really well put together and the presentation was well organizedScreen Shot 2015-10-29 at 9.36.21 PM.

Video Analysis 2

Video Analysis 1

My first video analysis was Travis McLaughlin’s Design of Keeneland Video.  His video was very creative and knowledgable. In his video i think that he does a good job addressing all 5  main topics required.  He starts his video talking about the history of Keeneland and the way the structure is laid out now, he discusses attendant processes and approaches to the design; in order to accommodate so many people.  He then moves on to discuss the way it enhances human experience because it is a place where you can watch horse racing and have great food with your family and friends.  The design in the business, cultural, and social practices is also somewhat summed up in that statement but is mentioned at various other points in the movie.  The main topic that was highlighted in the video was the medias influence on design.  He covers different social media sites that Keeneland uses and how they use them in advertising.  He then goes into showing a commercial that was recently produced by to advertise the races opening in the spring.  After the commercial he moves into discussing the consumerism aspects of keeneland.  Other than betting, Keeneland is known for making money of their food and dining, ticket sales, and of course horse sales.Over all, I think that the video is done really well. My only critique is i wish parts were a little more lively. I also wish there would have been some more video put in the presentation instead of just pictures.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.38.24 PM

Video Analysis 1